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Frequently asked questions about pawn loans

To obtain a Pawn loan, simply bring your item of value and a State or Federal Photo ID to All Stars Gold & Pawn and one of our staff will test and/or evaluate the condition and value of your item and pay you cash once we enter your information into our system!  

No Credit Check,  Your item's condition and value is what is used to determine your loan.  In just a few minutes we can have you set with cash in hand.

What is a pawn loan?

A Pawn loan is a short-term cash loan on an item or items used for collateral for the loan. Pawnshops are legally licensed by the state to offer short-term loans based on collateral for the loan. No credit check is required, but you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid US or State Photo ID. 

To redeem a pawn loan you simply return within 90 days and pay the amount you borrowed and the accrued interest to reclaim your item.  Interest is charged once when you pawn the item and then every 30 days after.  If you pick up your item within 30 days you only pay one interest charge. Need more than 90 days? Each month of interest you pay extends your loan by 30 days.  If you default on the loan, then we take ownership of the item and sell it to recover our costs and overhead.

Pawn loans

What kind of things can I pawn?

We accept a wide variety of items including Gold and jewelry, Firearms, Flat Screen TVs, tools, electronics, musical instruments, cameras, game systems and more.  Typically items we don't take are items that are outdated such as older TVs, obsolete electronics or items that we cannot test.

What is the difference between Pawn and sell?

This is a pretty common question we encounter with first time customers who mistakenly think that the word "Pawn" means to sell.  Pawning an item means you want to get a short term loan using your item as collateral and get your item back once you repay the loan. If you do not wish to retrieve your item you simply sell the item.

CAn I send someone else to retrieve my pawn for me?

Yes, But only if the person you send has your Pawn Ticket and you signed the box in the lower left corner to allow someone else to pick it up.  This is to protect your property from just anyone getting your item. So yes, your spouse/friend/relative can pick it up but they must have that ticket signed by the person that pawned the item.  

Firearms must be retrieved by the original person that pawned it.